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About this event

You are about to experience Ganesh & Kumaresh, the musical legends who redefined the sound of music! Come join us in the musical celebration of these amazing brothers\' 50 years of musical journey TOGETHER - GK50! Here is a small perspective of the brothers talking about their journey! Kumaresh gets philosophical. \"We talk about creating music, but the truth is, it is music that uses us as instruments. We are just able to connect to some force. Some call it \'God\' or \'divine power\'. But how do you explain the fact that people like what you play?\" he asks. Ganesh agrees, \"There are many who practice a lot but are unable to make that connection with the audience when they play. That\'s why it\'s called adhrishta. A lot of people think adhrishta means luck, but it actually means something that cannot be seen A-drishta\" \"We naturally understand that there is something higher than us which is in operation. We are lucky that it is connected to us,\" Kumaresh completes his brother\'s thoughts.